Going forward, these are ideas for building and expanding this website.

Fall Creekers have expressed interest in these subjects:

  1. Public Safety Alerts – emergency, and non emergency.
  2. Health and wellness information
  3. Quick guide to handy information (phone numbers, addresses, hours … ).
  4. Resilience and thriving: via quotes, passages, books, videos.
  5. Humor.
  6. Civic issues – government, education.
  7. Free stuff to give, and free stuff wanted.
  8. Sustainablility in Ithaca and beyond.
  9. Guide to Ithaca: recommendations about things to do and places to go.
  10. Recommendations for service providers (doctors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians … ).
  11. Community events.
  12. Fall Creek email list information (how to subscribe/unsubscribe, netiquette … ).