FC List Archives Search

FCNA List Archives:
A Valuable Resource for Finding Messages

“Gold has no value if it remains under the mountain.”

All our FCNA email discussion list messages are saved on a website in the “list archives”. And you can search these archives to find any message or bite-of-information that you’re seeking.

How to Search and Find Messages

  1. Log in to your gmail or your Google Account, with your username and password
  2. Go to the Google Group for the FCNA email discussion list, located on the web here:
  3. If you are a member of the FCNA list, AND if you are logged in with the email that you use for FCNA list membership — then you will now see all the messages starting with the most recent. (If you don’t see anything or you can’t get in, then the reason is one of the two conditions above have not been met.)
  4. The search box at the top says “Conversations” — type in something here to begin searching. For example: Type in “carpenter”
    and you might find the carpenter that somebody recommended in January. And all the “carpenter”-filled messages since 2007 !

    Enjoy this valuable feature that will help you to quickly find what you need.