FC List Guidelines

Here are some list GABPs (Guidelines and Best Practices) for the Fall Creek Email Discussion List on Google Groups.

0. Send emails to the list by sending to this email:
FCNA-ithaca AT googlegroups.com (change the AT to the @ sign, and remove the spaces)

  1. Be polite and respectful. Let’s be a model and a beautiful example — online and face-to-face — of civility and kindness.
    On this List, we have zero tolerance for rudeness, disrespect, and disparaging remarks. When you disagree with someone, remember the words of Voltaire: “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”
    Hate speech that denigrates another person, or gender, or race, or religious group, or sexual orientation, or economic status is never permitted on this list.
  2. To send a new message to the list, do not just hit reply to a message about a different topic. Instead, simply send an email to this email address: FCNA-ithaca AT googlegroups.com (change the AT to the @ sign, and remove the spaces)
    • 2a. File attachments are not allowed, AND they do not get through to most of our list members (most list members receive email in the Digest mode). Instead of sending the photo, you have to post the photo to anywhere that gives you a link to the photo — and then include the link in your message.
  3. To subscribe to the list — or to tell a friend how to subscribe — you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXO-DD-CfOY
  4. If you are having problems posting, first check to see if the email you are posting from is the same email that is subscribed to the list. … If you do not see the messages you sent to the list, do not worry: they probably got there. If you want to find out for sure, then check the list archives: see instructions here. https://fallcreeksuperlist.com/ithaca/search-list-archives/
    Please do not ask the List Manager “Did my message get through?”If it not bounce back to you, then it probably did. There are more than 2,100 people on the list, it’s not possible for the List Manager to investigate this question. If you are not sure, first check in your SENT folder, and then check the List Archives.
  5. Get the list emails, your way. Your 3 choices for receiving the group’s email messages are:
    A. Each email. … Messages are sent to you individually as, in real time, as they’re posted to the group. If you want to be among the first to hear about freebie give-aways and other news, then choose “each email”.
    B. No Email … You get no messages, raising the perplexing question: “Why are you subscribed to this list?” … If you choose this option, then you cannot post any messages to the list. (For exceptions, contact the List Manager).
    C. Abridged email. … Summaries (not the full messages) of up to 150 messages are combined into single emails and sent daily.
    D. Digest email … Up to 25 complete messages are combined into single emails and sent daily.
    ///// Remember: At any time, using your Google account, you can log in to our Google Groups page and then change your choice. /////
  6. Let people speak. Never tell anyone to stop talking about a topic. That’s the job of the List Manager. If something or someone bothers you, then feel welcome to contact the list manager.
  7. When you send a message, use clear, simple, and descriptive subject lines, not vague or generic ones (this helps readers decide whether the topic is of interest). Examples:
    1. Lost alligator (wearing pink pajamas) near the corner of Cayuga Street and Cascadilla
    2. Seeking a Good Flatulence-free Recipe for Garbanzo Beans
    3. Yard Sale on Saturday, July 9 at 10 a.m. at [your address]
  8. When requesting replies to you alone, include your email address in the body of the message (because not all email programs supply the full address of individual posters to list messages in the headers). When replying to messages, decide if you want to reply to the whole list, or reply to the individual message-sender.
  9. Stay on Topic when You Reply to a Message About a Genuine Need
    If someone posts a message asking for help with a genuine need, keep your replies focused on the question: How can we help this person with a genuine need?
    If your reply does not answer that question, then do not reply: Say nothing, or start a new discussion with the topic of your choice.
  10. When posting items for sale/free, or when in need of items or information needs, follow up with an “all set” when your needs have been met or the items are no longer available. This is especially important for curb alerts (to save people from making wasted trips to find items that are already gone), and when you’ve requested help from the list that’s no longer needed (to save people from wasting time/effort working to solve your already solved problem). Examples:
    1. 2022 Tesla Model 3 has been taken.
    2. Found a carpenter, and here are the carpenters you recommended.
  11. Posting about:
    • Sensitive Topics. Give us a trigger warning if you will be posting about something that contains violence, sexuality, or other highly-controversial subjects. … Political discussions are generally welcome — if we talk about the issues and avoid ad hominem attacks.
    • Jobs for your Children. Parents or guardians posting about jobs their children can do (babysitting, yard care, dog-walking … ) must give the parent/guardian contact information, not the child’s contact information. You can use the child’s contact information if the child is age 16 or above.
    • Houses and Apartments for Sale or Rent. Do not make persons contact you for this essential information: You must provide the address of the place, and the price.
    • If your business is in Fall Creek (or you are a Fall Creek resident with a 1-person business), then contact Michael about posting a one-time message about your business. If your business is not in Fall Creek, try another neighborhood organization.
    • “There are no dumb questions”: Don’t worry about appearing foolish: ask your question to our friendly list.
  12. If you have other problems — list-related or otherwise — contact the List Owner and Manager, Michael Pastore, at this email: