Fun Activities

Fun Activities For Kids In Ithaca

Suggested by Fall Creek List members.
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At Home

  • Letting them tell you all about themselves. If you are a good listener this could consume a lot of time and be what they love & remember most!
  • wrestling and hanging with their cool uncle, grandpa, etc.
  • Have some arts and crafts materials around the house
  • Legos
  • Board games


  • Ithaca Chess Club (open to all ages of children and adults, and all skill levels)
  • Skating at Cass or the Rink
  • Cayuga Nature Center … they have an animal room and the animal feeding is often open to the public. There is also an amazing three story tree house to climb and play in.
  • Farmers Market … The rutabaga curl on a December Sunday at the Farmers Market is loads of fun (just dress warm or visit Gimme for hot chocolate!), and for the grownups I think they are doing caroling there – Bob Dylan style,
  • sledding in the plantations or at Rice Hill
  • Cornell’s Polo barns to pet horses,
  • If Only Farms or Patchwork, to ride horses
  • Playgrounds – collect ’em all: Fall Creek Elementary, Henry St. John, Triangle Park (small – but close), Cass Park, Taughannock Park
  • Walk along the water at Stewart Park and feed ducks
  • Cascadilla Gorge trail if it’s open
  • Walk up to Collegetown, get Bubble Tea, or lunch at Collegetown Bagels … Come down through Cornell and then to Ithaca Falls
  • Visit Ithaca Falls
  • Check out the two Gnome Trees–Original at 308 E. Marshall (bring a treasure, take a treasure) and Castle at 202 Utica (browse the lost mittens).


  • A movie
  • Sodas at Palmer pharmacy soda fountain
  • Make christmas cookies together
  • Cats Pajamas
  • the gallery tour downtown.
  • Museum of the Earth (PRI) … good exhibits including reconstruction of mastodon skeleton recovered from Hyde Park, NY, and Barbara Page’s grand running mural panels illuminating the paleontological time line (reproduced in a book, too, but the paintings, which are mounted along the ramps between floors, are worth seeing in their architectural setting). … From Sunday, December 26, through Thursday, December 30, the Museum will host “Discover the Past,” a series of fun activities that will take you from the Devonian age to modern day. Each day at 11AM, educators will discuss the day’s topic and make a related craft. … kid activties at Museum of the Earth after Christmas.
  • Johnson Art Museum – Family days are offered some Sundays… The top floor of the Johnson Museum of Art, then free play on the hill or the quad
  • Purity is always a treat if it is open,
  • Explore areas in Ithaca with Google Maps
  • go to a bookstore and wander and look at books; … if at one of the big box ones) listen to music together.
  • Tompkins County Public Library. (check for special events for kids)
  • storytelling events, puppet shows, and such.
  • SPCA to pet small animals and kittens.
  • Sciencenter … Playground can even be a separate trip from Sciencenter inside
  • Events listings in the Ithaca Journal (especially the Ticket section on Thursdays)
  • Events listings in the Ithaca Times TimesTable are good.
  • concerts, plays, or sporting.
  • Ithaca Child has a large events section that’s online.
  • There’s a Gingerbread House contest going on downtown, entries viewable in various downtown locations, but it runs through Dec 25 only. See

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